Pc 21 Pilatus

Pilatus PC-21

The PC-21 is a turboprop powered advanced trainer which originates from Swiss manufacturer Pilatus. The PC-21 is designed to have a flight envelope that matches or surpasses a jet powered trainer allowing it to be used to train fast jet pilots at a fraction of the cost. The prototype first flew in 2002 and over 200 examples have been built since. The PC-21 incorporates a full simulation training suite which means that the aircraft can simulate a different aircraft type's cockpit avionics, cockpit layout, sensors and weapon systems as required.

The PC-21 has been ordered by ten nations including France and Spain who have both replaced advanced jet trainers with the type. QinetiQ also operate a pair of PC-21s which form part of the Empire Test Pilot School.

Pilatus will be providing their PC-21 development aircraft for static display at this year's Air Tattoo.

Photo Credit: Pilatus

On display