Reims-Cessna F152

Reims Aviation were originally named Avions Max Holste after their founder. The firm produced a number of types including the Broussard that is also planned to be on static this year. However, in 1960 the company signed an agreement with Cessna to market and produce their aircraft in Europe, this deal prompted the name change. Up until 1989 Reims produced modified versions of the Cessna range of singe engine light aircraft, often fitted with more powerful engines. After 1989 the company ended production of all types except for the twin engine F406 Caravan II. Reims aviation entered receivership in September 2013.

The Reims-Cessna F152 was one of the manufacturers more popular types. The Cessna 152 is a two seat light aircraft which has found global popularity as a trainer for student pilots. Over 7,500 were built and despite production ending in the 1980s, the vast majority are still in use today. A few militaries have also utilised the type as a trainer including the Mexican Navy.

A single Reims F152 will be appearing on static at RIAT 2023 which is currently operated by the RAF Halton Aero Club.

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