Globaleye Saab

SAAB GlobalEye AEW&C

Based on the Bombardier Global 6000 series of long-range business jets, the SAAB GlobalEye is a highly capable Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft that has been developed to undertake a variety of different missions. The system is primarily based around the SAAB Erieye ER long range airborne early warning radar which is fitted in a fin-like structure above the fuselage, SAAB claim this new version of the radar has 70% greater range than the original Erieye in service with a number of air forces. The GlobalEye is also fitted with a variety of datalinks and the Seaspray Maritime radar. The full sensor suite on board gives the aircraft the capability to track both air and ground objects whilst staying airborne for 11 hours at a time.

The GlobalEye's first customer has been the UAE who have ordered five aircraft, with three delivered to date, at the time of writing the fourth aircraft had performed its first flight during April 2023. The Swedish Air Force have also ordered a pair of aircraft with options to order an additional pair. In early 2023, SAAB proposed to NATO that the organisation acquired the GlobalEye as part of its proposals to replace its ageing fleet of E-3A AWACS.

The SAAB GlobalEye will be appearing on static display in the showcase area at this year's Air Tattoo. It's appearance at RIAT will be the types European airshow debut after previously only appearing at the Dubai Airshow in 2021.

Photo Credit: SAAB

On display