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Agusta A109

The AgustaWestland, previous Agusta, A109 is a lightweight twin-engine high-speed helicopter that first flew in August 1971. The A109 has been extremely successful both as a VIP helicopter but also as an Air Ambulance. Several military operators have also operated the A109 including Belgium who use the helicopter in the anti-tank role. Both the RAF and the Army Air Corps have both also operated the A109, the RAF continue to operate the type as a VIP helicopter and the Army used to operate the type as the primary transport for the SAS. A version of the A109 has been developed which uses Pratt and Whitney engines, this is called the A109E Power. 

Since its privatisation, QinetiQ have become a world centre of excellence for research and development. QinetiQ also operate the Empire Test Pilots School who have trained over 1,500 students in its 80-year history. To support this, QinetiQ operate a fleet of modern training aircraft which, when not in use to train test pilots, they are used to support research and development activities. QinetiQ operate three A109’s - a pair of strengthened A109S variants and a single A109E Power. 

QinetiQ will be providing a number of aircraft for static display at this year’s Air Tattoo as part of our Pushing the Boundaries theme. This will include their A109E Power. 

Photo Credit: Kev Storer 

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