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BAE Systems Hawk Mk.167

The British designed and built BAE Systems Hawk is one of the world’s most successful advanced jet trainers. Originally designed by Hawker Siddeley, the Hawk first flew in 1974 and entered service with the RAF in 1976 to replace the Folland Gnat T.1; enjoying superb export success having being procured in various guises by 19 nations. A more advanced version of the Hawk, known as the Hawk 100 series, was developed during the late 1980s which included a revised airframe, modern avionics, new wings and greater combat capabilities with deliveries beginning in 1993. The Hawk 100 was further developed into the 120 series, known as the Lead In Fighter in the late 1990s which was ordered by South Africa and Australia. Since 2008 the Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer has also been licence built in India and flown by the Indian Air Force display team, the Surya Kiran.

Qatar ordered the Hawk Mk.167, informally known as the Hawk T2A, during 2018 and the first aircraft was delivered during September 2021. Qatar operates a fleet of nine Hawks all of which are based in the UK at RAF Leeming where they are flown by a joint Qatari/RAF training unit.

The Qatari Emiri Air Force will once again be sending one of their Hawk Mk.167 trainers for static display this year.  The aircraft will be provided by the 11th Squadron QEAF and will be parked with other Qatari aircraft to mark the 50th anniversary of their air force.

Photo Credit: Kev Storer

On display

Role Friday Saturday Sunday
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