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Bombardier CL-604 Challenger

The Bombardier Challenger 600 series was developed by Canadair, later Bombardier based on a concept called the LearStar for a wide body business jet designed by Bill Lear, the founder of Learjet. Following its first flight in 1978 the aircraft entered production in 1980 and has since spawned the stretched CRJ Regional Airliner and Global Express long range corporate jet. Various nations have acquired the Challenger as a VIP transport however other nations operate specialised versions including the Republic of Korea who use the type for maritime patrol. 

The Royal Danish Air Force operate a fleet of four Challenger 604s which are based at Aalborg Air Base and are flown by Eskadrille 721. The unit also operated the SAAB T-17 Supporter and C-130J Hercules. The Challenger in Danish service can be used for a variety of roles including VIP transport, patrol and surveillance missions. In 2019 a single Challenger accompanied the RAF Red Arrows on their transatlantic crossing in order to provide Search and Rescue support. 

The Danish Air Force will be sending one of their Challengers for static display at years Air Tattoo as part of our 75th anniversary of NATO, the aircraft will be provided by Eskadrille 721 from Aalborg. 

Photo Credit: Paul Fiddian

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