Riat22 Jordan Royal Jordanian Falcons Extra300 Peter March

Extra 330LX (x4)

The Extra 300/330 series of aerobatic aircraft first flew in 1988 and has been a favourite of civilian display pilots and display teams around the world. Developed by Extra Flugzergbau in Germany in two seat and single seat versions, all Extra models are stressed to +/- 10G with a single person on board and +/- 8G with two. Powered by a fuel injected Lycoming engine, the Extra using a welded steel fuselage covered in aluminium and fabric. The wings and undercarriage are entirely composite and due to the unique symmetrical design of the wing airfoil, the air performs identically upright and inverted. The most recent Extra 330 models use a more powerful version of the Ly coming engine giving increased roll performance.

The Royal Jordanian Falcons are the national display team of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and were founded in 1976 flying the Pitts S-2A Special aerobatic biplane. The team upgraded to the Extra EA300 in 1992 and then the Extra 300L in 2007. Since 2018 the team has flown the more powerful two-seat Extra 3330LX. The team are a joint civil-military organisation where the pilots are chosen from the Royal Jordanian Air Force yet the aircraft are owned and maintained by Royal Jordanian Airlines.

The Royal International Air Tattoo would not be the same without its regular annual support from the Royal Jordanian Falcons who have won awards at the show multiple times. We are pleased to confirm that they will once again be appearing at RIAT 2024 in the flying display.

Photo Credit: Peter March

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