Riat22 Civ Qinetiq Aw139 G Etpp Duncan Chase

Leonardo AW139

The Leonardo AW139 is a 15-seat medium helicopter which first flew in 2001. The AW139 has found success as a corporate transport helicopter and began operational use in 2003. The type has also gained a strong military reputation and has been ordered by a number of air forces including the Irish Air Corps. Boeing also build a version of the AW139 under licence called the MH-139A Grey Wolf which has replaced the UH-1N in US Air Force service as a security patrol helicopter for nuclear missile launch facilities.

QinetiQ operate a wide variety of types as part of the Empite Test Pilots school including a single AW139. The ETPS was established in 1943 and was the first test pilots school in the world and has the motto “Learn to test, test to learn”. Their AW139 has been modified to train pilots in a variety of different scenarios they may experience when testing experimental aircraft.

QinetiQ will be providing a number of aircraft for static display at this year’s Air Tattoo as part of our Pushing the Boundaries theme. This will include their AW139.

Photo Credit: Duncan Chase