Riat22 Slovakia C27j 1962 Glenn Stanley

Leonardo C-27J Spartan

The Leonardo C-27J Spartan is essentially a heavily modernised and more powerful version of the Aeritalia G.222 which was known as the C-27A in the USA. Co-developed between Alenia Aermacchi (now part of Leonardo) and Lockheed Martin, this medium tactical transport aircraft features the same engines as the C-130J Hercules and a modern glass cockpit. Deliveries to the Italian Air Force began in 2006 following a first flight in 1999 and since then the C-27J has been delivered to over 15 other nations including Australia and the USA.

Slovakia operates a pair of C-27Js as troop and cargo transports. Both aircraft were ordered in 2014 and are flown by the 46th Wing which is based at Malacky Air Base. Malacky has recently been modernised by the US military so that it can be used for the forward deployment of assets into the region.

As part of our celebration of 75 years of NATO, Slovakia is sending one of their C-27J for static display at this year’s Air Tattoo. Their C-27s last appeared at RIAT in 2022.

Photo Credit: Glenn Stanley

On display

Role Friday Saturday Sunday
Static Not decided Yes Yes