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Leonardo C-27J Spartan

The Leonardo C-27J Spartan is essentially a heavily modernised and more powerful version of the Aeritalia G.222 which was known as the C-27A in the USA. Co-developed between Alenia Aermacchi (now part of Leonardo) and Lockheed Martin, this medium tactical transport aircraft features the same engines as the C-130J Hercules and a modern glass cockpit. Deliveries to the Italian Air Force began in 2006 following a first flight in 1999 and since then the C-27J has been delivered to over 15 other nations including Australia and the USA.

The Slovenian Air Force took delivery of its first C-27J during December 2023 where the type represents a significant modernisation in their military capability, further integrating them into NATO. The Air Force have a second aircraft on order and in Slovenian service they will be used for a variety of purposes ranging from transport to fire fighting.

As part of our celebration of 75 years of NATO, Slovenia are sending the only C-27J currently on strength with their air force for static display at this year’s Air Tattoo. This appearance represents yet another operator debut for the C-27J at RIAT.

Photo Credit: Slovenian MOD

On display

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