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McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II (x2)

The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a long range all weather supersonic fighter-bomber that first flew in the late 1950s and became known for its exploits during the Vietnam War. The Phantom is capable of travelling at Mach 2.2 and also carrying over 18,000 pounds of weapons. The aircraft was originally developed as an all-weather interceptor for the US Navy and was designated the F4H-1. The name Phantom II was finally adopted after the suggested Satan and Mithras names were rejected. In addition to the USAF, US Marine Corps and US Navy, the Phantom was operated by 11 other nations, including the UK’s RAF and Royal Navy.

Turkey has operated up to 233 Phantoms since the first 40 aircraft were delivered in 1974. This has included both the F-4E and specialist RF-4E Reconnaissance version which was retired in 2015. Turkey has upgraded many of its Phantoms via the Terminator 2020 program which built on previous upgrades allowing the aircraft to carry the Aim-120 beyond-visual-range air to air missile. The Terminator upgrade included fully digital modern avionics, a reduction in weight, and the ability to carry a variety of guided air-to-ground weapons whilst still retaining or enhancing their air-to-air capabilities.

111 Filo who are based at Eskisehir Air Base are the final operational F-4E Phantom II unit in the Turkish Air Force. We are pleased to confirm that they will be providing a pair of Phantoms for static display at this year’s Air Tattoo as part of our NATO 75th celebrations.

Photo Credit: RIAT Volunteer

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