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The NH90 was formerly a product of the NHIndustries conglomerate, which is now part of Airbus Helicopters. This multi-role machine is available in two main versions, the TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopter) and NFH (NATO Frigate Helicopter). Developed as a partnership between France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and later Portugal, the NH90 first flew in 1995 and eventually entered service in 2007. Currently 13 nations operate an NH90 variant.

The German Army were the first NH90 customer to receive their aircraft with deliveries beginning in 2006 and has ordered 82 NH90 TTH in total. The TTH variant is used by the German Army as a troop transport being able to carry up to 20 fully equipped troops. The German Navy also operates two versions of the NH90 based on the NFH called the Sea Lion and Sea Tiger. The forward and centre fuselages, fuel system, communications, and avionics control systems of the NH90 are also produced in Germany and final assembly is split between six locations throughout Europe.

Following their popular RIAT appearances during 2022 and 2023, the German Army are once again sending a pair of NH90s to RIAT 2024 to appear in both the flying and static display. Both helicopters will be provided by the Tactical Helicopter Regiment 10 (TrspHubschrRgt 10) based at Faßberg and are representing the German Army as part of our NATO 75th anniversary celebrations. During RIAT 2023 the NH90 display team won the MOOG Trophy as the overall winner of the Crew Challenge.

Photo Credit: Peter March

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