Riat15 Slovenia Pc9 L9 62 Paul Fiddian

Pilatus PC-9M Hudournik

Developed as a more powerful version of the popular Pilatus PC-7 trainer, the Pilatus PC-9 first flew in 1984. The PC-9 built on the PC-7 design by fitting a more powerful engine, stepped seating and the provision of an airbrake. Over 250 examples have been delivered to date to a variety of air forces of the world. The PC-9M is a modernised version which was developed in 1997 with improved manoeuvrability. The PC-9 also formed the basis of the T-6 Texan II which has also proved popular and is flown by a number of air forces including the USAF and RAF.

Eleven Pilatus PC-9s equip the Slovenian Air Force and are based at Cerklje ob Krki in the south-east of the country. Of these, nine are upgraded PC-9M versions and are called the Swift in Slovenian service. In addition to the training role, the aircraft are also used for light attack.

Last appearing in the flying display in 2022, the Slovenian PC-9M solo display will once again be returning to RAT 2024 along with a second example in the static display as part of our celebration of 75 years of NATO.

Photo Credit: Paul Fiddian

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