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Soko Kraguj

The Soko J-20 Kraguj may initially look like a basic trainer however this light aircraft was specifically developed to undertake light attack, close air support and reconnaissance missions. Developed during the early 1960s in Yugoslavia, the aircraft was designed to operate from austere airfields close to the front line based on the assumption that major airfields would be quickly destroyed during a conflict. This included the aircraft being able to operate from snow covered fields when skis were fitted. The Kraguj carried a pair of machine guns in its wings whilst also carrying a pair of bombs and rocket pods.

A total of 43 Kraguj were eventually built between 1964 and 1977 with the final aircraft being retied in 1989. Whilst most aircraft served with the Yugoslav air force, small numbers were also flown by the air forces of Croatia and the Republic of Srpska.

A privately owned Kraguj will be attending this year’s Air Tattoo.

Photo Credit: Jamie Ewan

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