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Valmet Vinka

The Valmet L-70 Vinka was developed during the 1970’s in Finland as a piston-powered light trainer and private aircraft. Developed by the state-owned Valmet company, the aircraft typically accommodates a crew of two however an additional two people or a stretcher with a carer can also be placed in the rear of the cockpit. The Vinka was not a commercial success, and none were privately acquired. The type served the basis for the turbo-prop L-90 Redigo which is still in service with the Eritrean and Mexican militaries. The L-90 was also produced under licence in Italy by Aermacchi as the M-290 and, is also flown by a private company in the US as the A-90 Raider where it is used to train JTAC (Joint Terminal Attack Controller) qualified troops.

All 30 Vinka’s that were produced were ordered by the Finnish Air Force. The type was used as a basic trainer which all students flew at the Finnish Air Academy at Kauhava before they moved on to the Hawk. The final Vinka was retired during September 2022 when the fleet was replaced by surplus RAF Grob 115 Tutors.

A privately owned ex-Finnish Air Force Valmet L-70 Vinka will be attending this year’s Air Tattoo and will be taking part in our static display as a memorial tribute to Perttu Karivalo, former member of the RIAT Flying Display Team and European Airshow Council Board member, who passed away in October.

Photo Credit: Petri Ttikkakoski

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