EXT2020 CIV Gazellesquadron Gazelle XZ939 GS (1)

Westland Gazelle HT2

The Aerospatiale Gazelle is a light single engine helicopter that was originally developed for the French Army as a replacement for the Alouette III. Since its first flight in 1967, over 1,700 have been built and the type has seen service in variety roles from light transport to battlefield scout to attack helicopter and as a trainer. The Gazelle has seen combat in numerous conflicts and was flown by both sides in the first Gulf War. The Gazelle is still in service with 23 nations today however it is slowly being replaced by newer types in specialised roles such as attack helicopter. 

In the UK, the Gazelle remained in service with the Army Air Corps until late 2023 however prior to this, the type saw extensive service with the RAF, Royal Navy and Army Air Corps as a trainer. To the Army, it was an important anti-tank, observation and reconnaissance platform; it supported operations by Royal Marines Commandos; and the RAF even flew some as VIP transports. All of these roles are remembered by the ex-military Gazelles of the Gazelle Squadron Display Team, based near Wantage in Oxfordshire. 

The Gazelle Squadron will be providing Gazelle HT2 XZ939 for static at this year’s Air Tattoo. This particular airframe was previously operated by QinetiQ for flight testing and for use by the Empire Test Pilots School, and therefore very relevant for our ‘Pushing the Boundaries in Air & Space’ theme. 

Photo Credit: Glenn Stanley 

On display

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