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RIAT Sustainability Pledges

General Pledges

  • Sustainable Power Initiatives

    Our Ground Operations Team have consolidated our generators across the site, we are using hybrid generators where possible and the remainder all run on 100% hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel.

  • No single use plastics

    Our caterer, Together's ethos is to minimise their impact on the environment.  Their suppliers only use biodegradable or recyclable packaging and are aiming to eliminate single use plastics.

  • Vegan, vegetarian options

    Togather has some of the best food and drink the south-west has to offer including delicious and less environmentally impactful vegetarian vegan options.

  • Litter picking team

    We have a hard working and dedicated litter team, who scour the site for any rubbish, using the correct bins to achieve 20% recycling of our waste.

  • No waste goes to landfill

    Our waste contractor, MJ Church diverts the event waste from landfill by removing large recyclable items before taking the residual waste for energy where the energy is recovered as electricity.

  • Free drinking water for all

    We bring in drinking water for our staff and visitors in bowsers and this year have improved the signage to ensure that everyone can fill their bottles easily.

  • Free shuttle bus from Cheltenham & Swindon

    We offer free shuttle bus travel from Swindon Bus Station as well as a free Park & Ride from Cheltenham Racecourse helping to reduce congestion and vehicle related pollution.

  • Sustainable aviation exhibits

    An important part of the show now and in the future is working with our exhibitors and partners to help them to showcase the developments that are being made in sustainable aviation.