Patrulla Guila

CASA C-101 Aviojet (x6)

The CASA C-101 Aviojet is a single-engined advanced jet trainer and light attack aircraft indigenously developed for the Spanish Air and Space Force by CASA with assistance from Germany's MBB and Northrop. The Aviojet is the same generation of jet trainer as the BAe Hawk and the Dassault Alpha Jet however it is a much simpler design when compared to the other aircraft. The Aviojet has been produced in three variants, the C-101EB dedicated trainer version, the C-101BB combined trainer/light attach variant with a more powerful engine, and the C-101CC which was developed as a dedicated attack aircraft similar to the BAe Strikemaster.

The Spanish Air and Space Force were the only customer for the original C-101EB variant and ordered 88 aircraft which were delivered from 1980 onwards. Whilst internationally the aircraft has retained its name as the C-101 Aviojet, the Spanish Air and Space Force designated the aircraft as the E.25. Based at San Javier, the CASA-101 was retired from the training role during August 2022 when it was formally replaced by the Pilatus PC-21, known as the E.27. The Aviojet however will continue in service with the Spanish Air and Space Force as a combat trainer and as the display aircraft of the national display team, the Patrulla Águila.

It is the Patrulla Águila who will once again be returning to this year's Air Tattoo flying display. The team will display with six examples of the Aviojet resplendent in their red, yellow and silver colour scheme and have made numerous popular appearances at the Air Tattoo in the past. As of November 2022, there were no plans to re-equip the team once the Aviojet fully retires and the teams long term future is uncertain.

Photo Credit: Rich Cooper

On display