Saudi Herc Sam Wise

Lockheed C-130H Hercules

First flying 68 years ago, the Lockheed Hercules is a four-engine military transport plane that has seen extensive service throughout NATO and other nations around the world. The Hercules is still in production as the C-130J Super Hercules. In addition to transport, operators of the C-130 have found a variety of different uses for the type. This has included being a gunship armed with artillery cannons, search and rescue, scientific research, aerial refuelling, electronic combat and maritime patrol to name but a few. Whilst the C-130J is still in production and is still receiving new orders, the RAF were the launch customer for this new version of the Hercules in 1995 and will be retiring their last example shortly before this year's Air Tattoo.

The Royal Saudi Air Force operate a fleet of 33 C-130H and 7 KC-130H Hercules in addition to a pair of newer KC-130J as part of a combined transport and tanker fleet.

The RSAF will be sending one of their C-130H Hercules to this year's Air Tattoo in support of the Saudi Hawks display team. The aircraft its not expected to be on static display over the weekend.

Photo Credit: Sam Wise

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