Flying Training

FLying scholarship scheme

Our Junior Rank Pilot Scholarship Scheme (JRPSS) and Junior Officer Pilot Scholarship Scheme (JOPSS) enable the flying clubs of the RAF (RAF Sport Aircraft).

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JRPSS 4 Scholars In Atlas Cockpit Penguin

Training is a combination of theory, exams, and in-air instruction

Through our schemes, young people can acquire Light Aircraft Pilot Licences (LAPL). The best performers receive further training through our Top-Up Scheme.​

To date, we have awarded 180 JRPSS, 51 extended with the JRPSS TUS and 8 JOPSS. To further enhance training, we have also funded the purchase of two Tecnam aircraft.

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Help young people’s careers take off

We’d love to help more young people realise their dreams of becoming pilots and engineers. But to do that, we need your support. So, if you can, please help us today. Whatever you can give or do will make a huge difference to our work.